William Prosser

William Prosser is a painter of paintings, a filmmaker, a lover of ancient history… and much more.

Will is engaged in a long-term committment to The Niger School Project, which seeks to build extraordinary 'green' educational facilities in one of the world's most disadvantaged countries, Niger. The challenges, construction and impact of this program on the children of Niger will comprise the subject of a documentary film, A Little School in Africa.

The Ojai Mardi Gras was completed in January, 2015, and chronicles an interesting annual charity ball in Ojai, California. This short documentary movie of 31 minutes covers the origin of the event, as well as highlighting the escapades of the 2013 party.

Will's previous documentary movie, And The Sea Took Us, is a moving account of the effects and relief efforts of the tsunami of 2004 in Sri Lanka.

For years Will has worked towards verifying the authenticity of a small vessel, which may be an important historical artifact.

Will can be commissioned for oil painting, shooting video, gold mining, or just about anything involving spirited adventure.

Feel free to contact Will.